13 Halloween Sensory Activity Ideas

Sensory bins are perhaps the one activity that I can set up for my four year old that she is guaranteed to play with for hours and sometimes days. And Halloween is the perfect time of year to set one up!

They are amazing for building and using language, fine motor skills, math and just about any learning goal you have in mind for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Below is an incredible list of our favorite Halloween sensory bin ideas!

Setting Up a Sensory Bin

Setting up a sensory bin can feel daunting at first especially if you aren’t prepared.

But by following a few simple steps and establishing clear ground rules you and your toddler or preschooler can enjoy hours of fun together (you sipping your much needed coffee and them having fun with sensory play).

Here is a list of your Basic Supplies:

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Tips for Saving Sensory Bin Fillers

1. Use large ziplock bags to store sensory bin fillers such as coloured rice or split green peas.

2. Buy your supplies in bulk or at the dollar store to save.

Basic Sensory Bin Rules

When it comes to letting your toddler or preschooler play in a sensory bin it’s better to find a balance between letting them play and being prepared for a little mess and setting firm rules.

To achieve that balance I like to tape down a large plastic table cloth underneath the sensory bin and play area.

That way when wayward rice fly out of the bin you don’t panic because cleaning it up is as simple as picking up the plastic table cloth and tossing it.

The other half has to do with making sure your little one understands the golden rule of sensory bin play: the fillers stay inside the sensory bin.

13 Amazing Halloween Sensory Activity Ideas

Halloween Eye-Spy by Happy Toddler Playtime

Pumpkin Bath by Busy Toddler

Spider Web Rescue by Happy Toddler Playtime

Edible Glowing Spiderwebs Sensory Play by Fun at Home with Kids

Pumpkin Scented Moon Sand by Parenting Chaos

Monster Oobleck by Happy Toddler Playtime

Witches Potion Sensory Play by Clares Little Tots

Halloween Fizzing Science Sensory Bin by My Bored Toddler

Jack-O-Lantern Squish Bag for Babies and Toddlers by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Oobleck Spider Rescue by Happy Toddler Playtime

Halloween Sensory Bin for Baby and Toddlers: Edible Eyeballs by Fun at Home with Kids

Halloween Sensory Bin by Happy Toddler Playtime

Halloween Sensory Tub by Mommy Evolution

Halloween Ice by Happy Toddler Playtime


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