Best Supplies for Toddler Activity

Want to get your little one a gift that they will use for a long time? Check out this kids activity supplies holiday gift guide for amazing and fun gift ideas!

There are a few things that I purchased for my kids that have really made doing activities at home with them so much easier. Some of these items cost more than I was willing to shell out for everyday. But a lot of them make amazing gifts for Christmas!!

They also make amazing gifts for neighbourhood kids or your kids friends as well!

This list includes things for the kid artist and the adventurer! It also includes gifts for the activity mom or dad or caregiver or teacher in your life!

Best Toddler Activity Supplies

Big Gifts

IKEA FLISAT Sensory Table – I use this nearly every day with my kids

IKEA Trofast Toy Storage Box, Medium – Buy two for the table above

Stocking Stuffers

Do A Dot Art Markers – great for toddlers and preschoolers!

Glitter Glue Pens – fun for all kids and great for making slime!

Magnetic Wands – fun for little kids and big kids and my personal fav!

Handy Scoopers

For the Artist

Washable Markers

Watercolor Paints – the best quiet time activity for my 5 year old

Solid Tempera Paint Sticks – great for painting on cardboard boxes and they dry super quick so no mess!

Construction Paper

White Construction Paper

White Butcher Paper

Kraft Paper

Washable Kids Paint

Kids Paint Smocks

For the Adventurer

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs – These are super cute my twins absolutely love them!

Toy Fish – Great for playing in play dough or bath or anytime!


Jumbo Plastic Tweezers

Construction Vehicles

For the Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

Contact Paper – A must have for sticky wall activities!

Pom Poms

Dot Stickers

Ikea Colourful Bowls – A must have for sorting and just about any activity I do with my kids!

Dry Erase Markers

Tall Draws to Store EVERYTHING!


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