45+ Awesome Water Sensory Bins for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Looking for the BEST water sensory bins for your toddler or preschooler? Check out these amazing and super easy water sensory bins and soups!

45+ Amazing Water Sensory Bins for Toddlers & Preschoolers! Looking for the best water sensory bins for your toddler or preschooler? Check out these amazing and super easy water sensory bins and sensory soups that toddlers and preschoolers and even older kids will absolutely love!

Water, H2O, Water Everywhere!

So I was looking through my phone the other day at photos that I took over the last year and realized that I have set up a ton of water based sensory bins for my three kids. I mean a lot, I was shocked. I know that I love a good water sensory bin. They are so easy to set up and they are extremely engaging. Any parent knows that water + toddler = happiness. Water is the perfect sensory bin filler for not just toddlers and preschoolers but babies as well.

Perfect Way to Beat the Summer Heat Outdoors

Although by the end of each water sensory bin my kids are always soaked to the bone. This is why they are so great to do outside on a hot day in the summer!Take these sensory play ideas outdoors in order to further reduce your clean up and help cool down on a hot day!

Water Fun Indoors

All these water sensory bin activities can be done outdoors and even indoors. If you are doing these activities indoors, clean up can be just as easy. Add a towel under the sensory bin before they play to help keep the “mess” down and have extra towel ready to dry up any major spills.

The Best Sensory Bin and STEAM Books

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Did you know I wrote a book of sensory bins? Click here for more information Exciting Sensory Bin for Curious Kids. Or grab your copy at Amazon. And the reviews are in! Check them out below!

Colour the Heart Sticky Wall: Anti-Racism Activity

Also I wrote a new book! Its called Super S.T.E.A.M Activity Book! My new book comes out Summer 2021. Stay tuned for more information!

The Best Water Sensory Bins for Kids

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bin

Muddy Zoo Sensory Bin

Colour Mixing Tea Party Sensory Bin for Kids

Yellow Rubber Ducky Sensory Bin (good for younger toddlers)

Water Bug Sensory Bin For Toddlers (good for younger toddlers)

Simple Under the Sea Sensory Bin for Babies and Toddlers (good for younger toddlers)

Lego Car Wash Sensory Bin

Tulip Sensory Bin for Spring

Popsicle Color Mixing Sensory Bin (good for younger toddlers)

Ice Rocks Sensory Bin

Icy Letters: A Literacy Sensory Bin

Sponge Letter Match (good for younger toddlers)

Pom Pom Water Sensory Bin

Feed the Ducks Sensory Bin (good for younger toddlers)

Squeeze Cap Kitchen Sensory Bin

Water Table Kitchen Water Play (good for younger toddlers)

Egg Boats Craft and Water Play

Still More Awesome Water Based Sensory Bins and Soups

Gelatin and Water Sensory Baby Play – Simple Fun for Kids

Fine Motor Water Sensory Bin for Kids – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Let’s Paint the Ice – Days With Grey

Paint Dyed Water: Outdoor Sensory Activity – Busy Toddler

Moana Sensory Bin – Keep Calm and Mommy On

Water Play with Fly Swatters – My Bored Toddler

Pool Noodle Boats Sensory Bin – Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog’s Tails

The Ultimate Fish Tank Sensory Bin – Keep Calm and Mommy On

Easy sponge boat craft and Water Play – The Craft Train

Lemonade Stand Sensory Soup – Modern Preschool

Green Sensory Soup – Living Life and Learning

Bear Soup Imaginary Play for Kids – Days With Grey

Water Play with Ice Shapes – My Bored Toddler

Moana Sensory Bin – Keep Calm and Mommy On

Shark Sensory Bin: An Easy Shark Week Activity – Mommy’s Bundle

Frozen Flower Ice Play – Crafts on The Sea

Deep Sea Sensory Bin – Keep Calm and Mommy On

Even More Water Sensory Bins and Sensory Soups

Here are some more ideas that we did to give you some inspiration. I haven’t finished posting all these ideas but I still wanted to share these ideas because they were so much fun!

Cork Boats Sensory Bin

Counting Fish Sensory Bin

Shapes Sensory Soup

Paper Towel & Bubbles Sensory Bin for Toddlers (good for younger toddlers)

Paper towel, water and bubbles.

Outer Space Sensory Bin

Water, black food colouring, stars and foil balls.

Water and Funnels Sensory Bin (good for younger toddlers)

Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

Bug Soup Sensory Bin (good for younger toddlers)

Dinosaur Bones Sensory Bin

Pony Beads and Water Sensory Bin

Shaving Cream and Water Sensory Bin

Nature Soup Sensory Bin

Mermaid Sensory Bin


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