Baby Dolls and Shaving Cream Sensory Play

Inside: A fun and easy sensory play activity using baby dolls and shaving cream. For hours of pretend play for kids!

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Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Boys and girls of all ages can benefit from playing with baby dolls. It can help them develop a sense of empathy and compassion for others and improve responsibility. It is also a wonderful way to develop language and social skills.

Shaving Cream and Baby Dolls Sensory Play

I did this activity using our IKEA Flisat sensory table. This allowed me to fill one side with water and the other side with shaving cream. They two quickly got mixed up so you can easily do this activity with a regular sensory bin as well. Set out a separate smaller sensory bin for the shaving cream.

One side was filled with shaving cream and the other side with water. I gave the kids metal bowls, play spoons, and a baby comb, brush and tooth brush I found from when they were babies.

I really don’t need to tell them what to do. They immediately dived right in, mixing the shaving cream and water, as I mentioned before, creating a milky bath.

They covered the babies in shaving. Pretended to brush their teeth with the shaving cream and comb their hair with it.

They scooped up the shaving cream and water mixture in the bowls and pretended to feed them milk and yoghurt.

Them they pretended to give them a milk bath, covering them in shaving cream and washing them off, over and over again!

Clean Up

When there were done playing, emptied the bins of the shaving cream water mixture and added fresh water. They then washed off the babies in the fresh water using the towels to dry them off.

Total Hit!

This was such a fun activity that you can guarantee that it will be making a regular appearance in our sensory play rotation.


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