Baby Food Writing Tray

Looking for a fun way to incorporate writing practice into snack time? Check out this great sensory writing activity that is a fun way for your preschooler or kindergartner to practice letter formation, CVC words, sight words and more. 

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Here how to get started!

Gather all of your supplies on the table that you have covered with kraft paper or a plastic sheet.

On the baking sheet pour out the baby food. I used a baby food pouch which made it easy for my 4.5 year old to squeeze the contents on to the baking sheet. 

In order to spread the baby food around lift up the baking sheet and tilt it back and forth allowing the baby food to move slowly all over the sheet. This is also how you can “erase” the letters or words after your little one has written something.


Writing in Baby Food

Then I had her use her fingers to write out CVC words that I made using magnetic letters

To erase the word, tilt the baking sheet back and forth allowing the baby food to move all over the sheet.

Messy Sensory Fun

This can be a very messy but tasty activity so come prepared. Put your little one in a smock and have wipes handy to clean hands. But they will mostly just lick their fingers clean!

Great for Reluctant Writers

Although this can be a messy activity it can also be great for preschoolers and kindergartners who may be reluctant to pick up a pencil and practice writing.

This was a creative and fun sensory experience for my kindergartner and after she finished practicing consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words she just ate the mango baby food! 

Writing Prompts

I created CVC word writing prompts for my little one using magnetic fridge letters. To make your own words at home or school you can either write the words or letters ona piece of paper or use any letters you have handy.

Lots of Fun!

In addition to practicing CVC words, she also practiced writing her name and after she was done she had fun drawing and doodling in the baby food!


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