One of my favourite things to up-cycle are squeeze pouch caps. They are colourful and round and the perfect size for toddler and preschooler hands.  As long as your little one has stopped putting things in her mouth, these little gems are a perfect play and learning resource.

My current collection of caps. Adding to it every day!

In this activity, I paired them with water to make a super easy, no prep sensory bin activity for my three year old.

Here’s what’ll you need to get started:


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 Set Up:

Grab all of your supplies. Set the sensory bins on the towel. Fill it up with an inch or two of water. Add the caps and play kitchen utensils and you are done!

Don’t make the mistake I did and forget to put down a towel or bathmat first! Otherwise there will be water everywhere!

Pretend Play

Almost immediately the pretend play began. Honestly, this was a bigger hit that I could have possibly imagined.

And yes she got completely soaked but she was very happy!

My daughter is really into playing restaurant and waiter right now and so she took to the role of soup kitchen owner immediately. Severing up hot pea soup and more to all her customers.

If you are wondering…yes I was her customer! We had tons of fun!

Each Colour a Food

Each colour cap was assigned a food. Red was apples, orange was oranges, yellow was either bananas or lemon, green was peas, blue was blue berries, purple was eggplant or grapes and pink was strawberries!

Adding some apple sauce to the soup!

She used the cups, bowls and slotted spoon to scoop, dip and pour!

She used the cutlery to test out her different creations before she served them up to her customers.

Yum, tastes good!

Testing the temperature to ensure that she didn’t burn any tongues!


This was a gigantic hit with my preschooler. I attempted to put it away in the evening before bedtime and she told me to leave it out so that she could play with it again tomorrow.

Testing her blue berry, grape, apple and pea juice! Yum!

This just gives me more incentive to save those caps. There are so many fun ways to play with them. And I guarantee if I had added play food to the sensory bin she would not have played for as long as she did or enjoy it as much.

Its because she had to use her imagination that made this activity such a hit!

Other Activities using Squeeze Pouch Caps

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