Christmas Bauble Counting

I love using shatterproof Christmas baubles for activities during Christmas time. They make the perfect manipulatives for little ones. Plus they are shiny and festive and you already probably have a ton of them!

Here’s how to set up Christmas Bauble Counting

Grab all the numbers from your foam puzzle mat. Have your little one remove all the numbers.

It’s likely that they ready know how to do and probably do it all the time (I know mine do). Having them punch out the numbers helps to extend the activity!

Model it For Them

Next, take a bauble and place it in the number one puzzle space, counting as you place it in. Then ask your little one to count out the next number and place two baubles into the number two space. For younger children help them out with counting. For older ones help as necessary.

Making Early Math Fun

It’s important to make learning math fun early on. This will set up your child well when they start school.

Incorporating counting and numbers in play is a great way to do this. Using toys and fun items to count with like Christmas baubles is also a great way to make math fun.

Looking for other fun math ideas for the Holidays? Check out Jingle Bell Counting!

Easy Fun

My happy four year old loved this quick and easy activity and it help me to get a few things cleaned up after dinner!

Here’s what you’ll need for Christmas Bauble Counting


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  • Shatterproof Christmas Baubles
  • Giant Foam Puzzle Mat

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