Christmas Bauble Painting

This activity is a fun process art activity perfect for Christmas time and a great way to keep your toddler, preschooler or kindergartner occupied and engaged over the Holidays.

Here’s how to get started

In a large or small sensory bin lay a sheet of paper on the inside. You can also use a cardboard box. I do not use tape to stick down the paper but I would recommend it. Once the baubles get covered in paint they tended to move the sheet of paper and my four year old moved it back and forth.

Add a few blobs of washable paint to the paper. It is better to space them out all of the page.

Add the shatter proof baubles to the sensory bin. Choose baubles that have a smooth surface. This will make it easier for cleaning after they are done.

We added three but if I were to do it again I would add more! But don’t add too many! If you do they might start flying out as your little one shakes the bin.

Time the Shake

I then had my four year old shake the bin and the baubles through the paint.

This made an wonderfully interesting pattern and piece of art!

Process Art

This activity was an amazing process art activity that would be ideal for all age ranges. For young toddlers you could place the baubles into a container with a lid and have them shake it to their hearts delight!

Clean Up

This was very easy to clean up. Remove the paper and keep it if you wish and wash off your Christmas baubles with soap and water. It’s best to do the clean up as soon as possible before the paint dries. You could also let the baubles dry and keep them all painted. They turned out beautifully as well!!

Here’s what you’ll need to do Christmas Bauble Painting


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