Christmas I-Spy Sensory Bin

Do you remember Halloween Eye Spy Sensory Bin? When here is the Christmas version and it is just as fun and easy to set up.

It is also a great way to introduce and practice Christmas vocabulary!

Here’s how to get started!

Grab your large sensory bin and fill it with green split peas. I unfortunately did not have any white filler (like white beans or enough cotton balls) so we had to settle for a green filler.

All my activities use things that I already have in my home. If I remember to pick up a supply, great. But most of the time I must make do with what I have in the house and believe me my daughter did not mind one bit that the bin was green and not white. The peas were fun to play with and can be used again again if you store them in a large zip-lock bag.

Grab all your Christmas items. Don’t worry if you have more than one of each item. It is actually good for them to be able to describe the same item using different words. I added Christmas erasers, baubles, different Christmas ornaments, and jingle bells.

Play with Them

This is a great activity that your little one will definitely love, largely because you will be playing with them! For younger toddlers you can model for them how to play.

“I spy with my little eye something that is red and shiny!”

My four year old really got into this and did a fabulous job describing things and I discovered that she knew things I had no idea that she knew.

To describe an gingerbread man eraser she talked about it’s colour, shape and what we generally do with them (eat them of course)!

This would make a great activity for siblings of similar age to play or even if one was a bit older.

Great Language Development Activity

Much like other sensory bins, this I Spy sensory bin is amazing for developing and expanding your child’s vocabulary.

To describe the penguin my four year old talked about where it lived and described how it walked and that it started with an ‘p’.

Definite Hit!

This was a fantastic vocabulary building activity that we will definitely do again. My happy kindergartner loves it when I join her in our activities so she absolutely loved this one.


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