My daughter absolutely loved the Playdough Sticky Wall Mural activity we did recently, and asked to do it again the next day and the next and the next. So I finally gave in and set up this Christmas version where we decorated a Christmas tree.

It was also a hit! She even got her dad in on the action when he came home that night!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Create the Christmas Tree

On the white poster paper, draw the outline of a Christmas tree with the green sharpie and the trunk with the brown sharpie.

Next have your toddler or preschooler paint the tree and trunk with the green and brown paint. It does not matter if they stay within the lines. You will be cutting it out anyways!

Once it has dried cut out your bare Christmas tree and tape it to the wall using the painter’s tape.

Set Up Sticky Wall

Get out your contact paper, cut a decent size off and tape it to the wall on top of the Christmas tree, sticky side facing out using the painter’s tape. Tape all around the sticky paper. As your toddler or preschooler adds playdough, it will get heavier.

Set Out Playdough Invitation

To do this I like to use a plastic appetizer dish.

It has several sectioned off areas where you can place different coloured playdough. Make sure you set out your playdough tools as well as the star cookie cutter.

Time to Decorate

Miss3 dressed herself this morning and didnt realize that her skirt was on backwards until started to look at these pictures!

This part is completely up to your little one! They can decorate it with small balls of playdough for Christmas bobbles.

They can add a string of playdough as garland or a string of lights!

You can help them make presents with ribbon and bows for under the tree.

And you can also add a star made using the star cookie cutter to the top of the tree!

The possibilities are endless. Have your little one create a Christmas tree of their very own using the playdough.

Trouble Shooting

To ensure that the playdough sticks on the contact paper your little one will need to give it a press. Also using smaller pieces rather than big chunks also helps the playdough stick better.

When taping down the contact paper, tape all around rather than just the corners. As your little one adds more playdough the paper will get heavier and may fall down if just the corners are taped down.

Clean Up

After we are down a playdough sticky Wall I always clean it up right away. The playdough will of course dry out if left up. Take a picture, sort it and pack it back into its container. If you clean it up right away it will remain fresh and be ready to use for another activity another day!

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