Clothespin Letter Dig

Did you know that clothespins have metal in them? Of course you did! But I always forget to use them when we are doing a magnetic activity!

Until one day my daughter asked me to set up a magnetic sensory bin for her and somehow the magnetic wands got a hold of a clothespin and voila it stuck! And this idea was born!

Digging for clothespin letters!

So grab your clothespins and magnetic wands and let’s set up this super fun literacy sensory bin!

Here’s how to do it!

I grabbed my large sensory bin and filled it with rainbow rice. Click here for instructions on how to make rainbow rice.

Then I added my letter clothespins. If you don’t have letter clothespins so problem! Simple write letters on the clothes pins you do have using a black sharpie.

For this activity I wanted my daughter to match capital letters with the corresponding lower case letter. So you can either write all capital letters on your clothespins or all lower case letters.

Then I hid the letter clothespins in the rainbow rice.

Great fine motor activity

Then on a foam sheet I wrote out the alphabet in lower case letter all along the edge. you don’t have foam sheets use cardboard or a thicker card stock. I would not use regular construction paper as it won’t hold up once all the clothespins are pinned to it.

Magnetic Wands!!!

Then I handed my 4 year old the magnetic wands and let her start searching for the clothespin letters.

Once she found them she then pinned it on the correct lower case letter. She continued until all the letters were found!

Total Hit

This was such a great fine motor and literacy activity and I can’t believe I’ve not used magnets and clothespins before. This will definitely not be the last!!


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