Cloudy Day Sticky Wall

Create a fun cloudy day sticky wall for your toddler or preschooler! It’s a great indoor activity for a rainy day!

Rainy days call for a fun and simple to set up sticky wall. I set this fun sticky wall activity for my 18 month twins and they were in love!

Over the summer my toddlers and I had a blast looking up at the sky and pointing at the clouds. I also point them out while on walks or at the beach and so they were very eager to create their own in this fun contact paper activity.

Set for Cloudy Day Sticky Wall

Tape blue construction paper to your wall using painter’s or masking tape.

Cut out a sun from yellow construction paper and tape that to the corner of the blue paper.

Unroll and tape your contact paper over top the blue sky and sun with the sticky side out.

Grab your cotton balls and invite your toddler to create fluffy white clouds by sticking them on the contact paper. They can either stick the entire cotton ball on the blue sky to make thick fluffy clouds or they can dab them to leave a white whisky clouds instead.

The only down side to this fun activity is that you are not able to reuse the contact paper after the activity is done. For all my other activities (not using cotton balls) the contact paper can be reused.

Looking for books about clouds to read to your toddler before doing this activity? Check out this selection:

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Skill Development Opportunities

Sticky wall activities are great for Colour & Shape Recognition, Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving, Emotional Development, Trial & Error, Visual Perception and Cognitive Development.

Age Suitability

This type of activity is ideal for 18 month old toddlers to 3 year old preschoolers.


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