Cookie Cutters & Snow

Here is a fun activity to do on a snowy day! Make snow cookies and cakes using cookie cutters and play baking tools.

Here’s what’s you’ll need to get started.



Set Up

Coloured Water

The first thing to do is to set up the coloured water for painting. We painted with six colours (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).

Add a drop or two of the food colouring for each colour into separate bowls. Then add  water and mix in the food colouring.

To make green mix yellow and blue and to make purple mix pink or red with blue.

Lay down a few towels under the everything. If you don’t want your kitchen towels to get stained with food colouring you can lay down a few layers of craft paper on your table or a plastic sheet to help protect it.

Gather all the tools – turkey baster, syringe, and eye dropper. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these items just grab what you have. Your little one will still have fun with just a turkey baster.

Snow Time

About to head out to grab some snow onto out baking sheet.

Time to get the snow! Grab your baking sheet and head outside (don’t forget to put on a hat and boots!).

The key to having the snow last inside without melting into a puddle of water in 5 minutes is to pack lots of snow on the baking sheet.

Also make sure to pack the snow down on the baking sheet.

Bring it inside and lay it beside the bowls of coloured water, all your fine motor tools and cookie cutters and baking toys.

Making Snow Cookies

To make snow cookies, stick the cookie cutters into the pack snow and then push out the snow cookie on to the second baking sheet.

Time to Decorate!

Let your little one decorate it using the fine motor tools and the coloured water!

Clean Up

As soon as the baking sheet my three year old was using got a little fun of coloured water and melted snow, I would dump it into the sink and let her start fresh with a new cookie cutter.

The final clean up was easy. Everything went into the sink, including any left over snow and coloured water.

The aftermath was a slightly wet table which dried quickly!


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