Cork Push: Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Create this easy fine motor toddler activity using recyclable items!

If you are living with a toddler or young children you probably have more than a few wine corks hanging around (or at least I do!)

They make amazing tools especially for fine motor toddler activities. I started saving them and after a few years I ended up with quite a collection.

If you aren’t into drinking your way to a collection of corks you can purchase them from your local dollar store, craft store or Amazon.

Looking for other easy DIY fine motor activities for toddlers check out this fun fine motor sensory bin or this fine motor activity using magnetic tiles or this activity using squeeze pouch caps or this super fun animal resuce activity.

Here is how to set up Wine Cork Push

Grab your yogurt container and kitchen scissors and cut small holes in the top large enough for a wine cork to fall through but not large enough for your little one push it through side ways.

Place all your wine corks into a large container and invite your toddler to push them through the holes.

I pushed a few through myself while my twins watched and they both immediately wanted to dive in and give it a try.

Fine Motor Toddler Activity Fun

Both my twins really enjoyed this. At first they got a bit frustrated when they tried to push the cork through and it didn’t go right away. I would wait until they either gave up in frustration or asked help and then I would help them usually by reorienting the cork in their hands so that it fit into the hole.

I kept this activity out for a few days. The benefit to leaving this type of activity out for a few days is that as their skill develops so will their confidence. Children love doing things that they understand and that they can actually do. If you find your little one gets frustrated with this activity, set it aside and let them revisit it later.


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  • Wine corks
  • Sensory Bin (optional)
  • Yoghurt containers
  • Kitchen scissors


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