Cottage with Kids: What to Pack

Heading to a cottage this summer with your kids? If this is your first time going to a cottage whether its your own or a friend’s or you are renting one, having the right stuff with you can make all the difference!

Some cottages are far from the main towns so getting to a store may not be as convenient as it is back home. Ensuring that you are set up before you leave for a fun filled weekend or week will go a long way for your sanity!

Here is my list for what to pack to keep the kids happy and entertained at the cottage.

Road Trip

For the road, I like to keep it simple. For my 5 year old I allowed her a little of screen time with games on an iPad. But I also brought her books on tape or CD. I love the Disney read-along series because they come with a book that she can read along and look at the pictures.

For younger kids, I try to time the majority of the trip around their nap. To entertain them while they are awake I play children’s music CDs and give them small board books, and toys or cars that light up or play music.


To transport the toys, I used a sensory bin or storage bin for all three kids (5 year old and 18 month old twins).

This will come in handy while you are relaxing on the deck and want a way to entertain your little ones. You can set up a simple water sensory bin using your beach toys

Beach/Outdoor Toys

Indoor Toys

For the 5 year old the best toy was a puzzle. She put it together several times over the week all on her own. It was a great way to keep her occupied when not outside.

For the 18 month olds, I brought magnetic tiles, pull back cars, a magnetic drawing board, board books, stackable cups, and mini animals.

I also brought post-it notes and masking or painters tape. I used the post-it notes for activities like DIY Flip Book for Toddlers and Tape Peeling activities. If you are concerned about putting tape on furniture, you can use the sensory bin instead. Tape animals or toys to the bin and let your little one rescue them!

Other great ideas include:

  • A small pop up tent and tunnel
  • Megabloks
  • Pen and paper for bigger kids
  • Toy dinosaurs
  • Books, books and more books
  • A small wagon
  • Beach balls
  • Small soft balls for inside

But the best toy for your little one at the cottage is YOU! Although we brought things to keep the kids occupied, we spent the majority of the time playing outside together and making family memories!