Dot Sticker Uno Math

We do a lot of math activities over at our house.

I want my happy kindergartner to feel comfortable with numbers and my hope is that she continues to study math at higher and higher levels with the same confidence that she has now.

The other reason I like to do math activities is because they are just plain old fun. And there are so many fun tools that you can use to make learning numbers, counting and early math fun and exciting!

Dot Sticker Uno Math uses a card game that I LOVED when I was younger – UNO. My family and I would play this game all the time and I hope to play it with all my happy little birds one day!

This activity is easy to set up and great for toddlers, preschooler and kindergartners!

Here’s how to set up Dot Sticker UNO Math!

On a large sheet of white paper. I like to use the rolls you can get at IKEA but the Melissa & Doug easel roll are also great but any large roll of paper will do.

Draw 6 to 8 rectangles. These will be your large UNO cards.

I did this activity with my happy four year old present and she wanted to draw a rectangle as well!

Stack the Deck

This is definitely one of those times that it is good to stack the deck! Choose only the number cards and pull out all the other cards that do not have numbers on them. I used only eight cards and tried to pick different numbers from 1 to 9.

Place the cards you have chosen in a pile face down in front of your child.

Hand your little one the dot stickers and have them pick up the first UNO card and show and tell you what it is.

Then have them stick that number of dot stickers in the first rectangle. You could also make this activity a colour matching activity which would be especially good for toddlers by having them count the same colour dot stickers as the card they just pulled.

Repeat until all the cards are done!

Number Practice

My happy kindergartner is practicing writing her numbers at school so I wanted to incorporate writing numbers as well into this activity.

I gave her a pencil and asked her to write the number inside the rectangle beside the dots. This is a great way to challenge older kids.

She is still learning to write so for the numbers that she is not sure of, I wrote out the number is small dashes so that she could trace it on her own.

Big Hit

This was a fun math activity that took no time at all the set up!. We will definitely be using the UNO game cards again for future math activities!


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