Fall Soup Sensory Play Idea

Here is a quick and easy natural Fall sensory bin that is a great way to cap off a nature walk this Fall with your toddler or preschooler!

Fall sensory bins are my favorite. There is so much in the natural environment to use and so many beautiful colours you can include.

This Fall sensory bin is quick and easy and a great way to cap off a nature walk.

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Here’s how to set it up

To start this activity, we first went out into our backyard and the park across from our house and collected different coloured leaves, twigs, acorns and horse chestnuts.

I washed off the acorns and horse chestnuts to make sure they were free of any creepy crawlers.

Then I placed everything fun colorful bowls.

Next, I filled a large sensory bin with water. I then let my four year add the food colouring – it’s her favorite part. For younger toddlers and preschoolers I would add the food colouring yourself.

We have done this type of activity lots of times before and she knows that a little food colouring goes a long way. I didn’t let her do this when she was younger.

Let Them Mix

She then mixed the food colouring and then started to add all the natural Fall items we collected into the water to make a fun Fall stew! I also let her add all the Fall items like leaves and acorns. This way she feels like she is actually cooking by adding in the ‘ingredients’ and it extends the activity even further!

Fun and Engaging

A total hit! This sensory bin kept my four year old occupied all morning before her kindergarten in the afternoon.

This activity is also great for strengthen fine motor skills. She used the soup ladle and dolled some of the coloured fall soup into the bowls, adding twigs and chestnuts!

Age Range

Fall Soup sensory bin is perfect ages 2 and up with adult supervision.


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