50+ Fun and Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Check out these fun, hilarious and creative ways Elf of the Shelf can get into trouble this year! 50+ easy ideas you can do in minutes!

UPDATED 2022: Are you doing Elf on the Shelf with your kids this year? Need some creative and easy ideas you can put together everyday in just a few minutes! Check out these 50+ adorable, hilarious and creative ways your Elf of the Shelf can get into trouble!


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Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Make a cup of steam hot cocoa with your Elf with this fun hot chocolate sensory bin. Hide your Elf in paper towel rolls decorated like a snowman.

Arrive in style! Have your Elf arrive at your home in your child’s favorite car and take a ride with Barbie. Oh Elf! Not another selfie.

Of better yet take a sleeping photo with your child. Where is Elf today?Hiding out in the silverware drawer.

Oh no, Elf are you OK?! Trap your Elf in a roll of Toilet Paper. and fling her down the stairs. Elf is a daredevil! Have him ride your child’s biggest dinosaur toy.

Stickers anyone? Cover your Elf in stickers and leave a fresh sheet for your little one to play with. Need a warm helping hand ELf? Freeze your Elf in ice curiosity of Elsa.

Elf get caught unwrapping Presents. This is great one for Christmas Eve especially if you let your kids open up one present that night. Hiding out in a toilet paper igloo.

Elf goes all STEAM today. Do you want to make a Smarties Rainbow? Have a Snowball Fight!

While trying to bake cookies, Elf got all tangled in a whisk. Crafting mishap. Elf gets into trouble with tape with the washi tape. If you don’t have a second Elf on the Shelf you a favorite doll or stuffy.

Going for a Sled ride. Going for a drive on a painter’s tape road.

Is you little one potty training? Well so is Elf on the Shelf! Making a snow angle in flour or rice.I recommend doing this activity on a baking sheet.

Playing in a ball pit of Pom Poms. Turn this into a fun Pom Pom sensory activity! Stay 6 feet away from Elf on the Shelf.

Snowman nose rejection center. Pool party with Barbie!

Animal Parade. Reading to Dinosaurs.

Feeding the ducks. Walking on wrapping paper stilts.

Do you need a hand Elf? You do know you’re surrounding by with Sharks. Elf tried to take on Spiderman and ended up covered in spiderweb.

Bow climbing wall. Build a Snowflake using q-tips. Let your little one try!

Elf is trying to be good today. Playing with Playdough. Spelling out something in cheerios or mini-marshmellos or other candy.

More Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Tangled in Lights. Time to try and catch a kid! Elf is definitely up to now good with this Kid Trap.

Replace stockings with underwear. Hiding in the closet with glow int he dark bracelets.

Who came crashing through the Cereal box? Its the new pearl mascot! Elf. I love this one. Googley Eyes on fruit. Leave a few extra eyes and bare fruit for your little one to try.

Do you want to build a snowman? Elf does with toilet paper rolls! Elf sticks bows all over the kitchen. Wow Elf, that’s a lot of bows!? Have your little on help you take them down and then set up a Christmas bow sensory bin.

Where is Elf? Hiding Under A Glass. Elf had a lot of fun last night. She had a Slumber party with all her besties.

Elf got caught pigging out on all the chocolate treats.Would you like one too. Elf loves to read. Have your Elf read your child’s favourite Christmas book. Great way to start the day with a book!

Elf started a puzzle but needs your child’s help to finish it. You can have your Elf cooking up a sweet breakfast of M&Ms.

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