Giant Toilet Paper Mummy

Halloween is quickly turning out to be one of my favorite times of year to do activities! There is so many options from ghosts to monsters to pumpkins and my happy kindergartner just can’t get enough! This new activity was definitely a hit.

When I asked her if she knew what a mummy was she surprised me by saying that she did and described it exactly. When I asked her how she knew, she told that she read it in a Halloween book at school! And that honestly warmed my mommy heart!

Giant toilet paper mummy is a fun Halloween craft perfect for all ages. It is also a great activity to practice gluing for toddlers and preschoolers. My happy kindergartner had a blast creating a life size mummy of herself!

Here’s how to get started

Make a Mummy

Have your little one lie down on the floor beside the kraft paper roll. Unroll the paper on the floor the same length as your child.

Cut the paper slightly longer than the length of your child. Tape it down to the floor with the masking tape.

Using a pencil trace around your child’s body on the kraft paper to create an outline of your child. Retrace the outline using the black sharpie. I did not trace my daughter’s outline with the black sharpie the first time so that I did not get the permanent marker on her clothing.

Have your little one draw eyeballs on their outline using the black sharpie and white chalk marker.

Time to Glue

Tear off a few squares of toilet paper and have your little one glue it on their outline. For smaller areas like her hands and face we used smaller pieces of toilet paper and for larger areas like her torso we used larger pieces.

Have your little one cover their entire outline with toilet paper by gluing it down. Don’t forget to keep the eyes uncovered!

Fun Halloween Activity

This was a really fun activity that was super easy to set up.


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