Hole Punch Turkey

Thanksgiving time is usually all about turkey crafts.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a good turkey craft but I also love doing activities at Thanksgiving that you wouldn’t normally think do to. Because in my books, anytime is the perfect time for learning!

Here is a great fine motor skill AND early math activity that could combine a turkey craft. I made the turkey myself the night before so that during our activity time my happy kindergartner could get right to hole punching.

However, if you have lots of time you want to fill, definitely let your little one make the turkey they are going to use to hole punch!

Here how to get started on Hole Punch Turkey!

Grab your supplies.

Making the Turkey

To make the turkey, cut out between 4-10 featherS in different colours out of construction paper. For younger kids, less is better and for older kids you can do more.

I made an easy turkey with just a circle for the body and head. That is so that my four year old could easily hold it while hole punching. If you make the circle and feathers too big your little one will have a hard time hold the turkey and using the hole punch.

Glue the feathers on to the back of the turkey body. Glue on googley eyes and a beak on to the turkey head.

Using a black sharpie write out the numbers you want your little one to count to. Again for your preschoolers stick with numbers 1 to 4.

For preschoolers you can skip some numbers and go a little higher. But I would make sure to only do what your child is comfortable with.

Hole Punching

Using a single hole punch can be very challenging for young toddlers. My happy four year old was only able to use it on her own at three. Even at four she still uses two hands.

So if your preschooler is not able to do it, give them time and do not stress, wait until their little hands have grown a bit and save this activity for next year!

I asked my daughter to count the holes as she went along.

Great for Little Hands

This was a fabulous workout for her happy little hands and a great way to improve fine motor skills necessary for writing!


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