Kitchen Utensil Rainbow Craft

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Your toddler or preschooler will absolutely love this easy to set up rainbow craft using different kitchen utensils to create a beautiful and textured rainbow craft!

Do rainbows make you happy? They definitely make me happy! There is something about those six colours combined together that always brings me joy! I set up this fun and easy rainbow craft for my happy four year and she was in heaven!

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Here’s how to create Kitchen Utensil Rainbow Craft!

Gather your supplies. You will need about 5 minutes to prep for this activity.

On a large sheet of white paper draw a large rainbow, using the sharpies, spacing out the arches. This will be the guide for your little one to use when stamping and printing with the kitchen utensils

Choose Your ‘Paint Brushes’

Next, select six fun looking kitchen utensils to paint, stamp and print with. We chose a few but ended up not using a bunch because they were to big to fit into the paint bowls.

We used two different kinds of potato mashers (a rounded one and a squiggly one), a fork, a spatula, a mini strainer, and a basting brush (my daughter’s choice!).

Make it Fun

A fun way to choose the kitchen utensils is to let your little one choose what they want to paint with themselves. This will make them feel like big kids, especially toddlers and get them excited about painting!

Set Out The Paint

For painting activities such as this, I like to use our colourful IKEA bowls to put the paint in. They are easy to clean and come in the colours of the rainbow making the activities super pretty and inviting!

Pour out your washable kids paint in all colours of the rainbow into each bowl. Then have your little one choose which utensil they will use first for red. Continue painting each colour with a different kitchen utensil.

If your kitchen utensil does not fit into the bowls, like our spatula, then you can pour the paint on to several sheets of paper and stamp and print with the spatula that way.

Learning Colours

I have always found that the best way to teach your little one something is through play. Arts and crafts is no different. If your child is still learning their colours this is the perfect opportunity to review them.

Talk through every step, identifying each colour as they paint, repeating it if you can. When my daughter was younger I would sing the colour name over and over again just for fun and she loved it.

Other Learning Opportunities

This activity is also a great fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It is also a great creative activity for kindergartners.


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