Fall has to be one of my favourite seasons. The air grows crisp, the colours turn vibrant and I get to wear cozy knits and sweaters! If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the leaves change colour and fall take advantage of it with your little one with this easy scissor skills activity.

Having trouble teaching scissor skills?

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Scissor Skills for more helpful tips!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

(As with all activities on HappyToddlerPlaytime.com, adult supervision is required).

  • Tray
  • Leaves
  • 4-6 Different Pairs of Scissors

Go on a Nature walk

To get the supplies for this activity we went on a nature walk around our local parks and collected leaves. When we got home I set up this simple cutting tray with a variety of different scissors for her to try.

Cutting Station Rules

When setting up a cutting tray or cutting station you should always go over some basic scissor rules with your little one (even if the scissors you give them are not sharp). Teach them early how to hold a pair of scissors and if they are working with a sibling or play mate, show them how to properly pass a pair of scissors. Finally show them how to hold the leaves so that they don’t nick their fingers. Model everything for them first especially for younger toddlers and you may even have to hold the leaves at first to until they become coordinated enough to do it on their own.

Variety variety

For a cutting tray to be really successful (and to give you lots of time to finish your coffee) offer your little a variety of different types of scissors. As we all know not all scissors are created equal, and some will undoubtedly work better on some materials than others.

I gave her five different pairs of scissors (some of these scissor came with more than one type).

  1. Maped Kidicut Safety Scissors
  2. BCP 3 Pieces Safety Paper Cutting Scissors
  3. Westcott Right or Left Handed Kids Scissors
  4. School Smart Loop Scissors

Some I already knew would work easily and others that would be a challenge. I then let her explore the different pairs to find the ones she liked the best.

Total Hit

It’s amazing how cutting can consume a toddler or preschoolers attention. They fall into a sort of trance and just want to keep cutting! This great quiet time or morning activity kept her busy for almost 45 minutes! Definitely a favourite in our house!

Also check out The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Scissor Skills for more helpful tips!



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