Letter Presents

Tis’ the season of bows and ribbon and wrapping paper!

This year I made my daughter a Christmas Book Advent Calendar where I wrapped 24 Christmas books for her to open one every night until Christmas. So needless to say we have a lot of extra wrapping paper lying around.

I am never one to throw anything away that I believe I can reuse. So I decided to continue with the spirit of the season and use the left over wrapping paper to wrap some foam letters. I pulled out our long unused alphabet flashcards for a fun and easy letter sound recognition activity.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Set Up

Wrap all the letters with wrapping paper and place them in a basket.

Line up all the alphabet flashcards in front of your toddler or preschooler.

Have them open a letter present!

Then ask them what letter it is; what sound it makes; and if they can find its match.

So easy but oh so fun! My three year old looooved this activity. The sheer excitement of opening up a new letter present and wanting to show me what it was, was super exciting.

Not only did we talk about letter sounds, we also thought of words that started with the letter.

Trouble Shooting

For younger toddlers, do not wrap the entire alphabet and do not place all the letters in front of them. Instead focus on just a few letters (about 5-6 letters) at a time. Once they have mastered those letters then you can add more.

Before we started opening up letter presents. We went through the alphabet using the alphabet flashcards. That way my preschooler was a bit more familiar with where the letters where.

If she had trouble finding a letter, I would give her hints. For instance, “The ‘V’ goes beside the ‘U’ you just found”.

Total Hit

This was a complete hit! We did this activity before school one day and did not have enough time to finish. As soon as she came home from school that day she wanted to go back and open the rest of the letter presents!


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