Magnetic Tile Dice Game

I love finding fun and new math activities for my kindergartner and ones that use some of her favorite toys only make them even more enticing!

Check out this fun and unique math game using magnetic tiles!

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Here’s How To Set Magnetic Tile Dice in Dice Math Activity for Kindergartners

Grab six square magnetic tiles and create each side of the dice using dot stickers.

Put the tiles together to create a cube. With each side of the cube representing a different number, just like a regular dice.

Next, add a regular sized dice inside of the magnetic tile dice. This will create a dice and dice!

Rolling the Dice

It is best to roll your magnetic tile dice in dice on a soft surface like a rug, carpet or bed spread. When you roll it, toss it gentle forward and avoid rolling it on the edges. This will help to keep your magnetic tile dice together.

Do a few test tosses yourself to show them how and then let your little one test it out. Let them get the hang of tossing it so that the magnetic tile dice does not break apart. It took my four year old a few tries before she developed a soft enough touch so that the dice in dice stayed intact.

Dice Math Game

To play grab a sheet of paper and pencil and your magnetic tile dice in dice. Toss it on a soft surface and then have your little one write the two numbers that are facing up on each dice – the magnetic tile dice and the regular dice inside.

Then you can have your little one add or subtract those two numbers. For instance from the picture above, my daughter added 6 + 4.

War Dice in Dice Game

Anther way to play with your magnetic tile dice in dice if you have more than one child playing (for instance in a classroom setting or with a sibling), you could have each child make a magnetic tile dice and dice and then play a version of war.

Each child rolls, and then adds up the two numbers and the child with the higher number wins!


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