Marble Painted Ghost Craft

Here is a fun and super easy Halloween ghost craft for high energy toddlers and preschoolers! Paint a spooky ghost using marbles!

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How to Set Up Marble Painted Ghost Craft

Grab all your supplies. Cut a sheet of black construction paper to fit the bottom of your shallow box or Tupperware container or sensory bin. Tape the sheet to the bottom of the container.

I did this with my toddler twins for the first time so we practiced shaking the marbles back and forth in the containers before I added the paint. That way they got the hang of it before the mess part was added!

Then I added a few drops of white paint and had them shake the container back and forth so that the marbles rolled around in the paint and made a unique pattern on the black construction paper.

My twins absolutely loved this part. We talked about the lines that the marbles created and the patterns that they were making. Some were thin, some were thick and some were blobby!

Of course their hands went into the paint and they tried to grab the marbles – how could they not – so I kept wipes handy to clean little fingers when we were done.

Once, the marble painted sheet of construction paper was dry, I took a pair of scissors and cut the sheet into the shape of ghosts.

Then we used a glue stick to glue on the google eyes and add a scary mouth!

Skill Development Opportunities

This activity is great for Colour Recognition, Language and Vocabulary Development, Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving, Emotional Development, Trial & Error, Visual Perception, Cognitive Development, Imaginative and Sensory Play.

Age Suitability

My twins were 20 months old at the time of this activity. This activity is ideal for 18 month old toddlers to 4 year old preschoolers.


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  • Box or Sensory Bin or small Tupperware container
  • White Kids’ Washable Paint
  • Black Contruction Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue


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