Mess Free Muddy Truck Painting

Let your little one use their favorite construction trucks to paint mess free! Set up a fun and easy painting activity for babies and toddlers.

Let your little one use their favorite construction trucks to paint mess free! Set up this fun and easy painting activity for your baby and toddler.

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Painting in a Bag

If you have not tried painting in a Ziploc bag with your baby or toddler you are really missing out. I have to admit that I never did it with my first (the original Happy Toddler) because I had not discovered it yet. But with my twins I am all about ways to allow them to paint without all the mess.

Muddy Truck Painting

Grab a large or gallon sized Ziploc bag and brown washable kids paint.

If you want to save your little one’s work, add a sheet of card stock or paper to the Ziploc bag before adding the paint.

Pour blobs of paint into the bag on the paper in different spots.

Seal the bag tightly. I then used duct tape to secure the bag to the floor and to ensure that nothing leaked out. You can also tape it to the floor or table using masking tape.

Next, hand your baby or toddler a few construction vehicles and let them move the paint in the bag around with the trucks! For young toddlers you will have to show them how to do this first.

Mess Free Fun

This was a great activity for my 17 month old twins! They loved moving the paint around with the trucks and their hands and even feet!

I helped them imagine driving the construction trucks over the pretend dirt by making truck noises and squishing mud noises. They, of course, absolutely loved this and start to copy my noises and actions.

This was not necessarily a pretend play activity but it was a great way to introduce my toddlers to the fun of pretending to drive trucks driving through mud!


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