Mushy Green Pea Sensory Bin

Green peas are not only fun to eat they also make a fun sensory bin filler! Here is a great taste safe sensory bin for babies, toddlers & preschoolers!

Finding a sensory bin for your baby that is safe for to play with and taste can be difficult. But sensory play is so important to babies and kids to help the brain develop that finding one that you feel comfortable with is worth the search.

Here is an idea that I tried with my 11 month old twins that they absolutely loved. Even my four year old got into this one!

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How to Create A Green Pea Sensory Bin

Gather your supplies.

Spread out a sheet or towel under the sensory bin. This will help to catch the water and/or green peas that will inevitably spill out as your baby plays.

Add small frozen green peas to a large sensory bin. I added the peas and then let my twins play with them frozen for a few minutes while I watched and talked to them.

Language Development

While they played I described what they were feeling. Baby boy, who loves sensory activities (he immediately goes over to the sensory bin even when it’s empty to check it out!), he touched the cold green peas and looked up at me started babbling!

He touched it again and made a face. I could tell that he didn’t like the cold sensation. We talked about that for a short time then I relieved his discomfort and add a small amount of warm water. He immediately dived right in again!

Mushy Peas

The green peas will quickly thaw and turn mushy in the water making it a great sensory and taste safe option for young kids.

Add Tools

I added a few tools too for my twins such small spoons and a bowl.

Most of these went into their mouths but I sat down with them and showed them how to spoon the peas into the bowl. This is something they won’t get now but will soon.

Into their Mouth

Before you even ask, the answer is yes! My twins did eat some of the peas. Having two babies to do activities with, I get to see how two very different personalities respond to the same activity.

Baby girl immediately picked up the tools and started mouthing them. Then she sat and started to eat the peas one after another. She also enjoyed squishing the peas between her fingers and hands.

Baby boy put his hands in and loved to swish the peas around and splash them in the water. He was not interested in eating them at first. He enjoyed grabbing them one at a time and dropping them on the blanket outside the bin.

Fine Motor Fun

This activity is also a great fine motor workout for your little one.

Things to Remember

When doing activities with your baby you should always keep a close eye on them.

Although the green peas are small and mushy they can still pose a potential choking hazard especially when frozen. If you are concerned at all don’t do this activity or start the activity with thawed peas that are mushy already.


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