Ocean Activities & Crafts for Kids

INSIDE: 70+ Fun and easy ocean and under the sea activities and crafts for kids! You will find everything from ways to stop boredom in its tracks; adorable sea creature crafts you can create right now; the best under the sea sensory play ideas as well as sensory recipes and finally ocean learning activities. Tons of ideas to keep your toddler, preschooler or kindergartner having fun and learning!

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This amazing resource of under the sea and ocean ideas is organized into four sections.

The first and most important is Under the Sea Boredom Busting Ideas. Here you will find easy under the sea bathtime ideas, ideas to get kids moving and great printables to play everything from under the sea bingo and I-spy!

The second section is Ocean Animal Crafts. Here you’ll find easy make crafts for just about many sea creatures. From jellyfish to octopus to green sea turtles. There is even a mermaid section!

The third section is Under the Sea Sensory Activities and Recipes. Here you will find ideas for ocean sensory bottles, bags and bins as well as recipes for ocean slime and moon sand.

The fourth section is Ocean Learning Activities for Kids. Here you’ll get great ideas to marry learning with under the sea activities, animals and environments. From feeding sharks letters to learning sight words under the sea to digging for seashell letters.

There are tons of ideas here to keep your little one occupied and busy!

OK lets get to the list!

Under the Sea Boredom Busting Ideas

Adorable Ocean Animal Crafts

Mermaid Crafts

Turtle Crafts

Fish Crafts

Jelly Fish Crafts

Sea Horse Crafts

Octopus Crafts

Starfish Crafts

Seashell Crafts

Under the Sea Sensory Activities & Recipes

  • Coloured Salt Ocean Sensory Bin (Happy Toddler Playtime) – blue food colouring, salt, creatures, seashells, starfish, water, bowls and spoons [full write up coming soon].

Ocean Learning Activities for Kids

  • Multi Colour Octopus (Miss_pocahontas__)


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