Ocean Sight Word Game & Sensory Bin

Trying to teach your kindergartner their sight words at home? Well, set the worksheets aside once in a while and use this fun ocean sensory sight word game!

I love creating a fun and detailed sensory bins for my kindergartner that also have a defined learning component. She gets to play and learn at the same time!

Here is a fun sight word activity for kindergartners that combines learning sight words with a cool ocean sensory bin.

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Here’s How to Set Up Your Ocean Sight Word Game

Grab your large sensory bin and add blue marbles, blue gems, fish and other under the sea creatures and toys.

On the inside of the sea shells, use a black sharpie to write out the sight words you want your little one to practice reading and spelling.

On blue pebbles, write out the individual letters needed to spell each of the sight words you wrote on the sea shells.

Toss everything into the sensory bin and add water. You can also add a drop of blue food colouring to the water but it is not required. I would do this if you do not have blue marbles or blue pebbles and you are using stones instead.

Find and Spell Sight Words

Have your little one find a sea shell and read out the word. Then have them spell the word using the blue pebbles!

Sight Word and Sensory Fun

This was a total hit with my 4.5 year old. She played while she practiced her sight words and did not even realize she was learning!

After she found and spelt all the sight word sea shells, she dumped all the shells and pebbles back into the sensory bin and played!


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