Paint chips are a guilty pleasure of mine. We use them a lot in crafts and activities but I do feel bad for taking 5-6 of every colour from the hardware store! (Sorry, not sorry).

The last time I stocked up on paint chips I felt so guilty that I actually asked the person working the paint department if I could pay for them. She just laughed and said don’t worry about so we went back and stocked on a few more colours!

If you haven’t used paint chips yet you are in for a treat. Just remember to grab an array of colours the next time you are at the hardware store. (Or if you are too shy to grab a bunch at the hardware store you can purchase them on Amazon using the link below).

To make your own paint chip confetti turkey here’s what you’ll need:

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Set Up

Making the Confetti

Using the lever punch,  punch out 1″ circles of each colour paint chip.

My daughter recently had an accident where she fell and hit her head on the sidewalk, hence the huge welt on her forehead. She was fine after a visit to the ER.

Using lever punches can be a great hand strengthening activity for toddlers and preschoolers so I actually had my 3 year old help me out with this part of the prep.

My daughter got bored of just doing circles so I also pullde out our flower and leaf lever punches

Draw the outline of the turkey feathers on a piece of craft paper. I initially drew four feathers but added two more as my preschooler started putting the confetti up. Tape the feather outline to the wall.

I knoow, looks sort of like a butterfly right now but just wait…

Cut out the body of the turkey using an entire piece of brown construction paper. Cut the beak out of orange paper and the snoods or wattles out of red construction paper.

Tape the contact paper to the wall, sticky side out, on top of the feathers.

Gather all your supplies together. I put all my paint chips and turkey body parts in an appetizer serving dish but you can use a few bowls for the paint chips and lay the turkey parts and glue on the floor under your feather outline and contact paper.

Here is my appetizer dish. I bought this for $3 at the Dollar store. Its great for setting up an invitation to create like this.

Time to Stick

Now it’s time to create our turkey!

First, I had my daughter stick the turkey’s body in the center of the feather. This will stick directly on the contact paper. Next, she added googly eyes, the beak and snood using glue.

Next, she added the paint chip confetti on all the feathers.

See more turkey like already!

You could either make each feather one colour or make a collage like how we did.

I let my daughter decide what how she wanted to decorate the feathers.

The paint chip confetti will stick directly on the contact paper.

She continued until there was little to no sticky space left.

This is also a great fine motor activity.

The confetti ended up not just on the feathers but I just love how it turned out!

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