Paint Chip Confetti Wall

These giant paint chip confetti are made with a circle lever punch and stuck on to contact paper. This super easy art and colour activity doubles as a fine motor skill activity as well.


  • Paint chips (from any home improvement store)
  • Contact paper or sticky paper (from stationery supply store)
  • Tape that is safe to use on wall (I used washi tape)
  • Circle lever punch 1″

Set up:

Set up time: 10 mins

I made the giant confetti the night before while watching TV. With older toddlers and preschoolers you could have them make it (extends the activity!).

Tape up the sticky paper onto a wall and place the giant confetti into a in front. For younger toddlers show them how to stick the confetti on the paper. They can do it randomly. For older toddlers and preschoolers you can have them sort the colours as the stick them on the paper.



Fine motor skills, perception of colour and patterns, sensory stimulation, increased confidence in their creativity, imagination!


Don’t throw away the scraps of paint chips left over from the circle lever punch. They can be used in another activity!

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