Painting with Water & Cotton Balls

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Painting with water and cotton balls is a fun and mess free twist on the classic toddler activity. It’s also a super easy way to entertain your toddler!

Mess free painting for toddlers

Water painting is a classic toddler activity. You can do it with a paint brush outdoors or on cardboard or even on a chalkboard! But painting is always made more interesting when you use different tools to paint.

Mess free painting for toddlers

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Painting with cotton balls and water for toddlers

As with all activities on Happy Toddler Playtime, adult supervision is required. If your toddler still puts things in his or her mouth be sure to keep a close eye on them during this activity as they may be tempted to suck on the cotton ball filled with water.

Painting with cotton balls and water for toddlers

Painting with Water

Grab a sheet of blue construction paper. If you don’t have blue dont worry. Use any colour that would turn slightly darker when wet. Red or green is also a great option.

Mess free painting for toddlers

Tape the sheet of construction paper to the floor or highchair using masking tape. Soak a few cotton balls in water and hand them to your little one.

Painting with cotton balls and water for toddlers

Take one in your hand and start dabbing it on the construction paper to show them what happens.

Painting with cotton balls and water for toddlers

My twins immediately wanted to dive right in and dab with the cotton ball themselves!!

Painting with cotton balls and water for toddlers

Mess Free Painting Fun

This was such a fun and easy to set up painting activity. My twins loved dabbing the cotton balls and using their hands and fingers to move the water around on the construction paper. Seeing it change colour was magical for them!

Painting with water for toddlers

Cotton balls are a great tool to paint or stamp with water. You can also try this activity pom poms instead of cotton balls!

Mess free painting for toddlers


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  • Blue, green or red sheet of construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Plastic bowl
  • Water
  • Masking tape


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