In our house playdough is queen. If I’m stuck for an idea of how to entertain my three year old I will pull out the playdough and voila she is instantly happy and engaged.

Most of the times we use our regular playdough tools when playing with it but occasionally I like to switch it and add a new element like our construction tools or shape puzzles.

But rarely do we use playdough in an open ended process art activity like this one.

For Playdough Sticky Wall Mural the end product isn’t what’s important (although you will likely end up with something pretty amazing!) — it’s the process.

The opportunities for learning are immense with open ended art activities like this from developing their imagination and spatial reasoning to sensory exploration and fine and gross motor skills.

So let your child explore the playdough like never before and create something on their own.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started


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Set Up

Set Up Sticky Wall

Get out your contact paper, cut a decent size off and tape it to a wall or window sticky side facing out using the painter’s tape. Tape all around the sticky paper. As your toddler or preschooler adds playdough, it will get heavier.

I started out with just tape on the cornerss but added more all around because as she added more playdough the sticky paper got heavier and heavier.

Set Out Playdough Invitation

To do this I like to use a plastic appetizer dish.

I bought this dish at the dollar store for a few dollars.

It has several sectioned off areas where you can place different coloured playdough.

I like displaying invitations to create like this because it:

  1. Gives my preschooler easy access to all the materials she needs for the activity; and

A word of caution, if you are doing playdough on the floor it WILL end up on clothes and in your floors!

  1. It looks inviting and interesting, and will thus immediately get my preschooler engaged in the activity.

Playdough tools are great for working fine motor skills.

Make sure you set out your playdough tools as well.

She liked to mush the playdough on the sticky wall.

This is a great fine motor skill activity

My daughter wanted to use up each colour before moving on to a new one.

I did provide some suggestions on how she could add the playdough. But left the actual decision making up to her.

She would take each colour flatten it, use the tools to cut it and then stick it up on the sticky wall.

The activity isn’t for the playdough purist. If you don’t like your colours to get mixed up, just do like how I did and grin and bare it. She was having so much fun.

Trouble Shooting

To ensure that the playdough sticks on the contact paper your little one will need to give it a press. Also using smaller pieces rather than big chunks also helps the playdough stick better.

When taping down the contact paper, tape all around rather than just the corners. As your little one adds more playdough the paper will get heavier and may fall down if just the corners are taped down.

She played with this for over an hour.

She also used the tools to create patterns in the playdough before sticking it up.

You could also break out your cookie cutters and stick up different shapes.

Clean Up

When she was all done, it was time to take it all down. Unlike other art projects this one had to be dismantled straight away in order to preserve the playdough’s freshness. We sorted and packed it away so that the playdough was fresh for use another day. The sticky paper did not alter the consistency of our playdough when we removed it after completing the activity.

We simply pulled it down and organized it by colour and returned each to their containers.

The playdough does not loose any of its playdough-like qualities as long as its not left up on the mural for too long. It will be ready to use again next time we want to play!

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