Pom Pom Colour Construction Site

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Pom pom colour construction site is a fun and easy way to practice color sorting with pom poms. So grab your dump trucks, diggers and bulldozers and create this fun color sorting activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

It’s the first week January in a new year 2020, and time for a new set of fun and easy activities. My twins are almost two! I can hardly believe it and they are super eager to learn. Since the holiday season is behind us I am also ready to start back in to our activity routine.

Pom Pom Construction Site color sorting activity

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Here’s How to Set Up Pom Pom Colour Construction Site

To set this up I grabbed my red, yellow and blue pom poms. My 22 month old toddlers are still learning their colours. One twin has a better grasp of colours than the other so I wanted to keep this sorting activity simple so that both of them could participate.

Pom Pom Construction Site color sorting activity

Next, I grabbed my IKEA colour bowls in the same color as the pom poms and placed them along with our mini construction toys like a dump truck, digger and bulldozer into the sensory bin.

I used a sensory bin to help contain the pom poms with my toddlers but you can totally do without a sensory bin.

Pom Pom Construction Site color sorting activity

Finally, I invited my twins to use the construction vehicles to dump the coloured pom poms into correct coloured bowls. I did the first one and they immediately followed.

Pom Pom Construction Site color sorting activity

At first I let them dump, scoop and plow the pom poms into the corresponding bowls and as they did I would ask them what coloured pom poms they were sorting. Then I asked them to find a certain colour and place that colour into the correct bowl.

Nay is 22 months and Ash is 22 months.


Pom Pom Construction Site color sorting activity

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