Pom Pom Picnic

Today it was a cold and rainy day outside so I thought what better way to create a cheerful day inside than to have a picnic!

We could have used our pretend food but I wanted something super colourful and fun to substitute for the food, soooo I dumped all of our pom poms into a container and viola the perfect indoor November activity was created!

Here’s how to get started on your Pom Pom Picnic:

Set Up

The set up for this activity is very easy.

First, fill your sensory bin with all the pom poms you have.

Find basket.

It does not have to be an actually picnic basket but if you have one definitely use it!

I used a basket that I usually store toys in.

I added a nice dish cloth (one that my husband and I bought while in the south of France long before we ever had kids!).

Add some plates, cutlery and cups to your picnic basket.

Then we gathered a few stuffed animal friends to join us on our picnic.

My daughter set up the blanket (dish cloth) and then set out the plates and forks, spoons and knives and glasses.

The pom poms in the activity play the roll of food so there is no need to add toy food to the bin.

Pretend Play

This was a great activity for pretend play and harnessing my happy little girl’s imagination.

My four year old served up pom pom juice and milk to her stuffy friends as well as pom pom sandwiches, snacks, treats and more!

This was such a fun activity that after everyone was done eating and packed up because of course it started to rain, she wanted to do it again!

Easy Clean Up

The great thing about this sensory bin is that the clean up is super easy. If a pom pom happened to leave the bin it was super easy to pick it up and put back!


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