Pom Pom Water Sensory Bin

Pom pom water sensory bin is the most fun sensory bin ever and its so easy to setup! Add a few fine motor tools and you have an activity that will entertain for days!

I know I know pom poms in water? Sounds strange but trust me I’ve done it before and it really really is a lot of fun!

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How to Set Up Pom Pom Water Sensory Bin

The set up for this sensory bin is very easy. Place all the pom poms you have (or as many as you wish to submerge into water) in a sensory bin and then add water.

My three year old convinced me to add all of our pom poms to the sensory bin. I don’t advocate this as the clean up is more. But it was a lot of fun for her and I had this sensory bin out for several days.

Add a few pitchers of different sizes. This will allow your little one to pour the pom pom water mix.

I also added some scoopers for a fine motor element. They have small holes that will drain the water and are great for scooping up the pom poms.

Make sure to add towels under the sensory bin in order to minimize the water clean up.

Total Hit

This was such a great hit with my three year old that she played with it for three days! After each time she played I removed the water (and dried the Pom Poms, see below). I added fresh water when she wanted to play with them again.

Drying your Pom Poms

Now you are asking yourself am I going to ruin my pom poms if I put them in water? And the answer is no! I just use regular pom poms that I purchased at a craft store. Dry the pom poms by using a towel to squeeze out all the water. Lay them out on a separate dry towel to dry and they are good to use again. And yes they are just as soft and fluffy and fun as before!


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