Post-it Memory Game

Memory games are a great way to improve attention span and concentration in preschoolers and kindergartners. They are also great for practicing a whole host of different academic goals.

I did this super fun post-it memory game to practice sight words with my four year old and she absolutely loved!

Here’s how to get started!

There are two ways to do this activity: 1) you can either create the memory board on paper; or 2) you can create it on a chalkboard or whiteboard. The set up is the same with either method that you choose!

Create a 6 x 5 grid. Then randomly write out the sight words or whatever your learning goal is in each of the boxes.

Different Learning Goals

This activity can be modified to meet almost any learning goal. You can play post-it memory game using letters, numbers, or evenshapes!


Next, place a post-it note on top on each word. Use different coloured post-it notes to make it more fun! Some coloured post-it may show through with black sharpie so make sure not to press the post-it note down but to have it lifted slightly up.

My daughter quickly realized that you can easily cheat in this activity by looking up under the post-it. To ensure that there are no peekers when playing this activity on the wall, stick the sheet at sitting level.

Time to Play

The rules for this memory game are the same as any memory game except instead of turning over a card you flip up a post-it note. If you don’t make a match you can stick the post-it note back on and continue.

If you do make a match, remove the post-it note and the player that made the match keeps those post-its. This will allow you to know how many matches each player has made.

Big Hit

This was a MASSIVE hit with my 4 year old and we played it a few more times before she started to remember where the words were.

Chalkboard Option

Using a chalkboard is a great option for this activity. You can change the words and their positions after each game or as they start learning more!


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