Potato Masher Jack-o-Lanterns

This is a fun and easy Halloween craft that involves creating spooky jack-o-lanterns using a potato masher.

Here’s how to make Potato Masher Jack-o-lanterns


Gather your supplies.

Next, cut out different eyes, noses and mouths so that your little one can create different  faces for their jack-o-lanterns. I used black construction paper for the faces. Also cut out stems for the pumpkins using green construction paper.

Set out your orange paint. I like to either use paper plates, bowls or a paint pallets for easy dipping.

Let your little one dip the potato masher into the paint and stamp the white paper with the orange paint to make the pumpkin.

We did not use glue to stick the faces and stem on to the pumpkin. Instead we stuck the faces and stem directly into the wet paint and they stayed once the paint dried.

To guarantee that everything will stick, it is best to wait until the paint dries and them use glue to stick on the faces and stem, however, if your little one is like mine and cannot wait that long you can do what we did and stick everything in the wet paint. This is how we do all of our potato masher crafts and they almost always hold once the paint dries.

Make a Face

When I cut out the different parts for the jack-o-lanterns I tried to create different shaped eyes, noses and mouths. Some scary and some not so scary.

I encouraged my daughter to create different types of faces and to even mix and match the eyes.

However, like many happy four year olds, she likes thing to be in order. So there was no mixed up faces with our jack-o-lanterns this time!


This would be great activity to teach younger toddlers different emotions. Together you could create a happy, sad, angry, scared or excited jack-o-lanterns and you and your toddler could mimic the faces to each other.

Halloween Fun

This was a really fun and super easy to set up craft that is great for Halloween at home or in the classroom!


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