Art Camp Week





What’s Inside?

  • Pointillism Q-Tip Painting
  • Rubber Band Painting
  • Pulled Yarn Art
  • Bubble Painting
  • Scrape Painting
  • Foil Painting
  • Paper Towel Tie Dye
  • Tape Resist Art
  • Line Art
  • Circle Snail
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Bubble Wrap Prints
  • Salad Spinner Art

Each pack includes step-by-step instructions with supply list!

Who’s it for?

Ages 2-5! But it can be aged up to kids up to 8 years old! 

—> Use it as a way to make your summer days at home easier!

—> Use it to help keep screen time to the times that you really need it, like when you’re making dinner!  

—> Great for home, camp, groups, or school!

—> Use it as day camp.

—> All the activities are accessible and use budget friendly and common supplies! 

When’s it for?

Anytime! This camp is perfect for the summer, weekends or any day you need ideas to keep your child busy and engaged.

This is a Digital file only. You will be sent a pdf file.


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