Summer Camp At Home Pack


What are your kids doing this summer?

Are you trying to save money or just have a slower summer this year?

Want to manage screen time effectively this summer?

Simplify your days with the Summer Camp At Home Pack!



Are you ready to kick off an unforgettable summer filled with excitement, adventure, and endless laughter? Look no further! Our DIY Summer Camp at Home Package has everything you need to create magical memories right in your own backyard. With 10+ captivating themes, 130+ engaging activities, and valuable tips for a memorable summer, this package is your passport to a season of fun and learning. Let’s dive into the details and discover why our camp package is the must-have resource for your best summer!

What’s included:

  1. 10 weeks of DIY Summer Camp Themes.
  2. BONUS: Cooking Camp Week
  3. 130+ exciting activities, crafts, science experiments, cooking recipes and more.
  4. Article: “10 Practical Tips for a Memorable Summer with Kids.”
  5. Article: “Sibling Harmony: 10 Practical Tips for Keeping the Peace and Managing Sibling Conflict”
  6. Full supply list for each week
  7. Tips to help make your Summer Camp at Home a Success!

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT.  Nothing will be mailed to you. You will receive download links immediately after purchase.

DIY Summer Camp Themes

  1. Under the Sea: Dive into an Ocean of Imagination! Transport your little ones to the depths of the ocean as they explore marine life, create ocean-inspired crafts, and learn fascinating facts about sea creatures.
  2. In the Garden: Green Thumbs Unite! Let your children explore the wonders of nature with gardening activities, bug hunts, and imaginative play. Watch as their love for plants and insects blossoms.
  3. Ice Cream: Savor Sweet Summer Delights! Indulge in the delightful world of ice cream with cool recipes, creative crafts, and mouthwatering taste tests. It’s a treat for all the senses!
  4. Bugs and Insects: Creepy Crawly Adventures! Embark on a bug-filled expedition as your kids learn about different insects, build bug hotels, and go on thrilling bug hunts in their own backyard.
  5. Water and Ice: Splash into Summer Fun! Beat the heat with refreshing water games, ice experiments, and outdoor water art activities. Get ready for a splashing good time!
  6. Rainforest: Explore the Lush Green Canopy! Unleash the wild side of your children as they discover the beauty and diversity of rainforests through crafts, storytelling, and sensory play.
  7. Weather: Become a Junior Meteorologist! Learn about weather phenomena, create weather instruments, and engage in exciting weather-related experiments. Your kids will be forecasting fun!
  8. Art: Unleash Your Inner Picasso! Unleash your children’s creativity through an array of artistic endeavors. From painting and drawing to sculpting and mixed media, their imagination knows no bounds.
  9. Science: Discover the Wonders of the Universe! Ignite curiosity with hands-on experiments, awe-inspiring demonstrations, and mind-boggling scientific facts. Let them become young scientists and explore the world around them.
  10. LEGO: Build, Create, and Imagine! Unleash your kids’ engineering skills as they construct unique structures, solve challenges, and dive into imaginative LEGO play. Brick by brick, they’ll build lasting memories.


When you buy now you will also receive Cooking Week 11: Stir Up Some Culinary Magic! Bring your little chefs into the kitchen as they whip up delicious recipes, learn cooking techniques, and develop a love for culinary adventures.



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