10 Salad Spinner Toddler Activities

Inside: These easy at home activities using your salad spinner are ideal for a toddlers and preschoolers. Entertain your toddler at home using simple items you already have in your kitchen!

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Does your toddler already raid your kitchen cupboards and turn your everyday cooking tools into fun toys? Well, then this set of simple toddler activities to do at home will be perfect for them.

Grab your salad spinner and a few items you already have for a bunch of fun and easy activities to keep your little one busy at home!

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Here’s How to Set Up Your Salad Spinner Toddler Activities at Home

The best type of salad spinner for toddlers to do these types of activities are the ones that require you to push down or pump. If the salad spinner you have is the one where you have to turn it around or crank it, not to worry, your toddler will still get a kick out of all these activities but you may have to help them out a little bit more by cranking the salad spinner for them.

10 Simple Salad Spinner Toddlers Activities

1. Add squeeze food pouch caps in different colours to the salad spinner and let your toddler watch them spin around.

2. Add lego or Mega Blocks to your salad spinner.

3. Add silk scarves and let them spin them and pull them out. You can also string the scarves through the slots of the basket inside.

4. Create a fine motor activity by adding pipe cleaners through the slots of the basket.

5. Add paint to create a fun process art project.

6. Add water and let your toddler watch it splash around the basket as it spins around. Do not add too much water as it will spill up the sides as the basket spins faster and faster.

7. Pour a small amount of bubble bath into the water to create bubbles! This was by far the best one of all the activities. My twins loved playing with the bubbles. If your toddler is still putting things into his or her mouth, keep a close eye on them!

8. Let your toddler’s have their favourite snack inside the salad spinner and watch it spin around! They can play and snack at the same time. Be sure to add a snack that won’t crumble too much in the basket after it is spun. Snacks like cheerios work best.

9. Drop some of their favourite play foods into the basket and let your little one pretend to make a salad by washing the vegetables first.

10. Let your toddler stick dried spaghetti through the slots of the basket. This is also a great fine motor activity for toddlers at home.

11. Add giant water beads to your salad spinner for a fun sensory activity.


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