Snow Easter Egg Hunt

We had a huge blast of winter this week so we were able to do a bunch of fun and easy winter activities using snow. For this one I pulled out the Easter eggs. I know it’s a little early for Easter eggs but I will let you in on a secret – I use them all year long!

Why? Because they are simply awesome and irresistible to kids big and small! Think Pom Poms in egg form.

Here’s how to get started!

Gather your supplies.

You can do this activity inside or outside depending on the weather. We had lots of snow but it was very very cold so decided to take out Easter egg hunt indoors.

I packed the snow down inside the sensory bin. I find that this helped to keep it cold longer so that it lasted longer while inside. I laid out a picnic blanket on the floor to help catch any snow that fell out while my daughter played.

Then I hid a bunch of Easter eggs inside the snow and handed my kindergartner a shovel to start finding the eggs!

Inside the Eggs

The best thing about this activity is that there are so many things that you can put inside the Easter Eggs.

You can adjust this activity to meet any learning goal.

Learning Activity

You could hide letters or numbers (such as puzzle pieces or magnets letters/numbers) inside the eggs and have your little one match them to letters or numbers you have written on a piece of paper.

You could also hide colourful objects like pieces of paper or small toys inside the eggs and have them match them to pieces of coloured construction paper.

This makes a great colour recognition activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Or you can just hid a few healthy snacks inside! And make it a fun busy activity!

Take it Outside!

This activity would also be extremely fun if done outdoors! The colourful Easter eggs would be easy to spot in the snow, so make it fun and hide them under pots or twigs or near trees!

How Long does the Snow Last Indoor?

Despite my fears, the snow did not melt right away nor did it make a huge wet mess. Since I packed the snow down in the sensory bin it lasted for nearly an hour. It did of course start to melt but it just formed dense wet packing snow rather than water.


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