Snow Puzzle

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Snow Puzzle Match

Stuck inside with a toddler you want to keep busy? Try this creative and fun puzzle matching activity! It is super easy to set up and makes the perfect activity to do when you get a fresh dump of snow!

Here’s how to create your own Snow Puzzle!

Gather your supplies. Since this activity is made using snow you will have to set this up while your toddler or preschooler waits. Otherwise it will just melt before they get a chance to do it.

Go outside and grab enough snow to cover the entire baking sheet. Pack it down and add a bit more. The harder packed it is the longer it will last! And that is a good thing especially with toddlers.

Grab you shapes puzzle. I used a wooden shapes puzzle and the pieces survived being put into the snow. I did not leave them in the snow long. If you have a plastic shapes puzzle use that!

Press each shape in the snow firmly so that it leaves an imprint of the shape that will be clearly identifiable to your toddler. Continue until you have completed all the pieces.

Time to Match

Have your toddler match all the shape puzzles pieces in the snow. As they go along name each shape and colour. When they are done have them return the puzzle pieces to the board, again naming all the shapes and colours. And the repeat!

Early Math Fun

Learning shapes is key to early math development in toddlers and this is a fun and engaging way to get the practice in! This activity is also great for sneaking in some colour learning!


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