Spider Web Rescue

Halloween is fast becoming one of my favourite themes to create activities for. My happy kindergartner is very excited about everything Halloween and the ideas just keep coming!

Halloween is also a great time to practice fine motor skills. There are lots of creepy crawlers that make the perfect object to pick up with fine motor tools.

Here is a fun activity I created for my happy kindergartner that turned into free play!

Here’s how to create your own Spider Web Rescue

Grab your large sensory bin and fake spider web.

Spread the fake spider web across the top of the sensory bin hooking it over the corners to secure it. I also spread it over the corners on the bottom of the sensory bin so that it would stay in place.

However, as my happy kindergartner played it did start to move around. If yours moves too much simply re-secured it. You could also secure it with a little piece of masking tape at the bottom of the sensory bin.

Create a few ‘holes’ in the spider web. The holes are basically spaces which your little one will slip their hand through in order to rescue the insects.

Place different plastic insects like butterflies and ladybugs on the bottom of the sensory bin just under the holes you just created.

Hand your little one a set of tweezers and ask them to rescue the insect before the spider eats them up!

The Story

Of course every child is different but for me the key to getting this happy kindergartner to get engaged with any activity is the background “story”.

She loved the Feed the Squirrel activity, a simple scoop and pour activity, largely because I created was little story that had characters, a story and a goal for her.

So do not forget to build the “story” for each activity for your happy little one and if you get excited about it they will too!

Fine Motor Fun

My happy kindergartner loves activities that allow her to add an element of make believe and imagination.

She enjoyed pretending to be a rescue eagle that was flying the insects to safety out of the spider’s web.


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