Sponge Letter Match

Sponge letter match is a fun and easy way to practice the alphabet with your toddler or preschooler. It also make a super fun sensory and fine motor activity!

Water play is always a fun way to entertain toddlers and when you add sponges you have the makings of a fun and exciting sensory activity.

How to set up Sponge Letter Match

Grab a few sponges and your sharpie. Write the letters that you want your little one to practice on the sponges. If you use a sharpie to write the letters they will permanently be on the sponge. The marker does not run so you will still be able to use the sponge for play with your little one or for cleaning.

Grab your foam letters and fill a sensory bin or table with water. If you don’t have foam letters you can use any water proof letters that you have such as plastic fridge magnetic letters. You can also write letters on LEGO or Mega Bloks using a sharpie

How to play Sponge Letter Match

Place your letter sponges and foam letters into the water and invite your child to match the foam letters with the sponge.

My kids immediately got into this one and really enjoyed squeezing and filling the sponges. As they did I asked them to find and match the sponge they were squeezing with the match foam letter.

At first they were more interested in squeeze and playing with the sponges than matching them to the letters. I didn’t push but as they played during this time I highlighted what letter they were squeezing and pointed out where the matching letter was.

After they had finished playing, they started to try and match the letters! Once they matched a letter I asked them to wash that letter and as they did I made up a little song about washing that letters (see the What to talk about section for more).

I also added a bit of dish soap so that they could create some bubbles!

What to talk about

For my 24 month old twins, I did most of the talking. I called out the letter that they were squeezing and talked about its sound and identified common objects that started with that letter.

After they matched they letter with the sponge and started to wash the letter I made up little silly songs about the letter. For instance:

“Washing G, I’m washing G, g, g, g, g for grapes, g for gorilla, g for goats. G is good for me!”

Other alphabet learning activities… Letter Wash Sensory Bin and ABC Match.


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N and A are twins. They are 24 months. Z is 5.5 years old.

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