Sticker Decoding

It’s amazing how fast they grow. My once happy toddler grew up to be a happy preschooler and now she is a happy kindergartner! Tears aside, the activities must change and grow as she has.

I still, of course, do all the fun pretend and sensory play activities as those have no age limit!

But the learning activities have gotten a little more challenging. As a teacher mom and non-teacher I have had to adapt and do a bit of learning myself!

For instance, I had no idea what a CVC word was before my four year old started kindergarten. What are CVC words you ask? They are consonant-vowel-consonant words. Such as hat, man, and cap.

In this activity, my happy kindergartner becomes a CVC word decoder!

Here’s how I set it up!

Grab your sticker book. You are going to need a lot of different stickers so if you don’t already have a good sticker collection check out the supply list for the great stickers I used that I found to be fantastic.

Figure out which CVC words you want your little one to work on. My four year old is working on -an and -ap words so I stuck to words with those endings.

I then found stickers that began with the first letter I wanted her to write. So for instance, for “C” I used stickers like cat and crown; for “P” I used stickers like princess and pirate; and for “N” i used stickers like napkin and nose.

After sticking the three stickers that represented the consonant-vowel-consonant, I then used a black sharpie to create boxes enclosing the stickers and created a spot where I wanted her to write the corresponding letters.

This would make it easier for her to know where to write the letters and how big to write them.

Decoding Fun

I handed the cards to my daughter and asked her to name the first sticker and once she did I asked her what letter it started with.

Once answered correctly I then asked her write the letter in the box below it.

We continued until she got all the letters in the word.

Then I asked her to read them together and figure out what word she just spelled.

Total Hit

To say that this was a total hit is an understatement.

She LOVED this!

The mystery of trying to figure out what the word was and looking at the fun and colourful stickers that I used kept her engaged through out!


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