Turkey Blow Painting

Thanksgiving is a great time of year for crafts for the kids.

There are so many different ways to create a turkey. Turkey Blow Painting is a really fun one that your little ones will love.

What is Blow Painting?

Blow painting is a fun way to mix colours to create beautiful patterns and unique turkey feathers.

It is also a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Here’s what you’ll need to create a Blow Painted Turkey.

Gather your supplies.

Squeeze out a few blobs (yes, we are very exact over here) of brown, red, yellow and orange paint into the bowls.

Add a very small amount of water and mix them up until the paint is smooth as possible. Mine still had a few blobs in it but I was not worried about it. The blobs will still move when your blow them and it would just create a more intense colour on the paper.

Use a syringe to draw up the paint and add a few drops of the watered down paint on to your sheet of white paper.

Problem Solving

Make sure not to add too much water otherwise it could make things messy. I made this mistake at first.

If you don’t have a syringe you can just use the end of the straw to dip into the paint and drip it on to the white paper.

My four year old really enjoyed this part of the activity and added too much paint using the syringe. In hindsight I would not let her use it next time. A better option is to just use the straw to dip into the paint and then drip it on to the white paper.

So definitely I recommend using the straw method and not using a syringe for little ones.

Messy Fun

This activity can get messy. I made my happy four year old put on a smock because wet paint could have dripped on her clothing. Also if you use food colouring wearing a smock is a must. You definitely do not want it to stain your kid’s clothing.

Huff and Puff

Next, take your straw and place it close to the paint and blow. Model this for your child.

But before letting your little one blow ask them to show you how they would blow out a candle.

Place their finger in front of their mouth so that they can feel the air coming out.

Give them a straw to practice blowing before placing it in or close to the paint.

Have them blow the paint drops to create unique turkey feathers.

Colour Mixing

Place drops of each colour one at a time and blow them using the straw.

As we added each color it mixed with the other colours creating a really cool pattern.

Turkey Body

Set your white sheet of paper with the blow painting aside to dry.

While your blow painted turkey feathers dry you can create the body of the turkey.

Cut out the body from brown construction paper, the turkey beak from yellow construction paper and snoods from red construction paper.

Glue them together.

Unique Turkey

Once your blow painting is dry, glue your turkey body on to the center of the paper.


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