Water Bead Painting

Water beads painting is the summer version to painting with marbles and just as fun! This painting activity is easy to set up and clean up. This activity was inspired by something similar done by Parentingchaos.com.

Here’s what you will need to get started:


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Set Up:

I used an large Tupperware container or small sensory bin for this activity but it can also be done inside a shoe box or baking pan. You want the sides to be high enough so that the water beads do go flying out when they get excited about painting and shaking.

Cut the white paper so that it fits the bottom of the chosen container and tape it down. Add a few drops of paint, different colors all over the paper. Then add the water beads. Start by shaking the box, left to right, forward and backwards allowing the water beads to run through the paint.

My toddler wanted to use all the colors, but less paint is better in this activity. Too much mixing and you end up with a muddy looking mess. Also too much paint and the water beads will not move as well.


Because we are using water beads instead of marbles, water can become an issue with this activity. Before you put the water beads in the containers ensure you shake off as much water as possible.

Water beads aren’t as heavy as marbles so you can add more to the container.


If you used a baking pan or shoe box, you can simply throw them out. If you used a small sensory bin, wash it out with soap and warm water (preferably before the paint dries). You can throw away the water beads.


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