Halloween is a great time of year to do activities. Even if you haven’t pulled out that sensory bin in a while, dusting it off for a few fun and easy Halloween activities is always worth it. In this easy to set up and clean up activity you and your little one will create a spooky spider web!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.


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Set Up

Start off by cutting the white yarn into short 5-15 cm pieces. Cut different lengths of yarn You can cut anywhere between 15-20 pieces.

Next pull out your roll of contact paper. I love contact paper and if this is your first time using it you will quickly learn to love it too. It can be used for so many fun and easy activities and your little one will love it! If you are looking for it at a store near you, try looking at a stationery store. Another great thing about contact paper is that it can actually be used for more than one activity. In the picture above, we are removing little leaves to get ready to do our spider web.

Unroll it and cut off about 15 cm. The back for the contact paper has lines that you can follow.

Contact paper has one side that is very sticky so unrolling it and taping it to the wall can be a little tricky. Here’s how I do it.

First, peel the paper backing to expose one small corner of the sticky paper, then tape that corner to the wall, sticky side facing out. Slowing peel back the backing to reveal the other corner, tape that side down. Repeat for the other two corners.

Now comes the fun part. Have your little one stick pieces of yarn randomly on the sticky paper. If you have a young toddler you will need to help them to create a web like pattern.

Some should go criss cross while others can go around. Make sure to press firmly to ensure that the yarn sticks and remains on the paper.

Continue until all your yarn is done or there is no more sticky parts on the sheet left.

Now it’s time to add the spiders! This is part is fun but can be a little tricky to get the spiders to stay so make sure you use small, light weight spiders that won’t pull the yarn off the sticky paper.

Weave their legs or body into the yarn in random spots on your web to get them to stay. It will appear as if your web is crawling with spiders! Your spooky spider web is complete! Make sure to take a photo of it with your little one!


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