12 Fun Brain Breaks for Kids

INSIDE: 12 silly and super fun brain breaks for kids that will get them moving and giggling!

We all need a brain break especially during trying times like we are living through now in 2020. I know I did and I so did my 6 year old. The stress of homeschooling, not seeing friends and family and just not being able to do all the fun things we used to be able to do has definitely gotten to all of us.

After bumping into a school friend at the beach, he taught my daughter the classic right/left brain coordination game when you try to pat your head while rubbing your tummy. She loved it so I decided to try and find more of these fun little brain games. They are fun and silly and make a great little break during the day.

I hope both you and your kids will enjoy these fun brain breaks!!

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Brain Breaks for Kids

  1. Pat Your Tummy
    • Rub your tummy while patting your head. Then switch by patting your tummy while rubbing your head.
  2. Shoulder Switch
    • Raise your left arm straight up into the air and place your right hand on your right shoulder. Now switch. Raise your right arm straight up into the air and then place your left hand on your left shoulder. Try and go as fast as you can.
  3. Tap a Finger
    • Another one is tapping your fingers on a table from thumb, pointer, middle, ring, pinkie, pinkie again…and all the way back down to your thumb. Once that becomes easy, switch it up to every other finger down and back.
  4. Two Pictures
    • Get two pencils or pens. Draw a circle with your right hand while simultaneously drawing a triangle with your left hand.
  5. Hammer & Saw
    • Make your left hand do a sawing motion and your right a hammering motion.
  6. Nose & Ears
    • Pinch your nose with your left hand and then cross your right arm behind your left and pinch your left ear lobe. Now switch. Pinch your nose with your right hand and cross your left arm behind your right and pinch your right ear lobe.
  7. Pointing at Two
    • Make the peace sign with your left hand and point to it with your right index finger. Now switch. Make a peace sign with your right hand and point to it with your left index finger.
  8. Touch Your Fingers
    • Look at your right hand. Touch your thumb to your pinky finger, and then touch your thumb to your index finger. Next, touch your thumb to your ring finger, and then touch your thumb to your middle finger. Repeat the process until you can do it automatically. Now do it faster without making a mistake!
  9. Arms Up
    • Raise your left arm into the air, then pinch you left ear lobe with your right hand. Now switch. Raise your right arm into the air, then pinch you right ear lobe with your left hand.
  10. Cross Your Arms & Legs
    • Stand up. Raise both arms into the air and cross your legs. Now switch. Cross your arms across your body and uncross your legs (i.e. stand with your legs hip width apart).
  11. Move that Finger
    • Cross your arms in front of you, touch the backs together, roll them over until the palms touch, and then bend your arm so that you are now interlocked fingers swing in front of your face. Then, let your friend point (but not touch) one of your fingers. Try to move that specific finger. This may sound really easy and dumb, but if you haven’t done this before, you will soon find out how entertaining it is.
  12. Lick your Elbow
    • Try to lick your elbow with your tongue! This is a super silly one. (This is impossible but if you or your child can do it please message me!)

Having Trouble?

Remember practice makes perfect. Keep practicing these exercises to get better at doing them.

Here is another tip: Concentrate on the harder part of the activity. For instanced, with the classic rubbing your tummy while patting your head activity, try focusing on the rubbing part activity (the harder part). This will make doing both activities easier.

Looking for more exercises? Check out this post.

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